Ownership & Management

We employ competent professionals and business leaders who participate in management decisions and who are accountable for risk management.

Our exceptional service delivery over the years has earned us professional credibility, which is enhanced by our employees’ affiliations with professional associations.

Our leadership team is ably assisted by a talented pool of professional engineers that are supported by technologists, surveyors, technicians, draftsmen, trainee engineers and administrative personnel.

We encourage our staff to further their qualifications and support continuing professional and personal development so they grow to their fullest potential.

MwB supports young upcoming engineers on a regular basis and appoints some of these students on a permanent basis on their successful completion of the programme.

We aim to provide workplace experience for soon-to-graduate or newly graduated engineers, technologists and technicians.

Transferring our skills and knowledge will ensure our engineering expertise is retained within our own organisation and the industry as a whole.

Ambroses Sekotlo

Ambroses Sekotlo is a dynamic managing director with extensive experience serving on various boards of directors. He has held various top level executive positions in government and private sector.

Ambroses is a proven strategic thinker, and is recognised for his ability to identify, develop and implement profitable opportunities and solutions. His outstanding leadership qualities and people management skills are evident in his dependability and reliability in supporting and enabling team efforts to produce genuine long-term sustainable development.

Marx Jordaan (Pr.Eng, Pr.CPM)

Marx Jordaan is a respected professional engineer who has over 30 years’ experience in the water sector.

He has in-depth industry knowledge in the design and project management of water and sewage treatment plants, bulk water distribution systems, water and sewage reticulation systems and pumping systems.

Marx has the ability to take projects from inception to commissioning and is recognised for meeting high performance standards that deliver projects that yield long-term benefits. He has extensive experience in dealing with high-level clients and negotiating multi-million rand projects at local and international levels.

A goal-driven leader, Marx maintains a productive climate and keeps abreast of the latest industry developments and technologies, ensuring the optimisation of engineering solutions.

Geetesh Daya (Pr.CPM)

Geetesh Daya a highly motivated executive with an impressive track record of more than 20 years’ experience in strategic planning in the civil engineering field. He has the ability to integrate consulting engineering models through the development of innovative cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving client service offerings.

Geetesh has proven working experience in the power line industry, national flagship programmes and establishing project management units. He headed the North-South Cooperation between Lahti, Finland and Bojanala Platinum District Municipality and has been involved in developing and implementing infrastructure development plans. Geetesh is respected for his astute business acumen, resource management capabilities and organisational /operational skills.

A skilled influencer and negotiator, he is recognised for making significant contributions to business growth.

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