Bulk Water Supply

Pilanesberg South Water Supply Scheme.

  • Phase 1A and B Installation of a 43 km, 1016 mm welded steel pipeline from Evergreen to Mafenya.
  • Phase 1C installation of a 8,2 km, 600 mm GRP pipeline from the Mafenya reservoir to supply the Maseve and Bakubung mines.

Madibeng upgrading of the raw water supply line.

Royal Bafokeng Administration, Rasimone bulk supply line.

Delmas Bulk water supply to the WTP.

Water Reticulation Networks

  • Designed and managed the construction of more than 300 km of water reticulation pipes in the past five years.
  • Conducted feasiblity studies for the Pilanesberg South Scheme, a project valued to be around R2 billion (2015).
  • Conducted Phase 1 and Phase 2 feasiblity studies for the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality on their bulk water demand.
  • Feasibility Study for the entire Madibeng supply network.


Mafenya50 Mℓ
Phatsima3,5 Mℓ
Rustenburg2 of 7,5 Mℓ
Kanana4 Mℓ
Jouberton Ground26 Mℓ
Stokkiesdraai0.5 Mℓ
Swartruggens1.0 Mℓ

Elevated Water Towers

Kanana0.5 to 1 Mℓ
Jouberton2 Mℓ
Letsopa1 Mℓ
Boschdal2 Mℓ

Water Treatment Plants

Groot Marico3.5 Mℓ/d
Swartruggens3 Mℓ/d
Schweizer-Reneke6 Mℓ/d
Delmas15 Mℓ/d

Pumping Stations

Phatsima water36 Mℓ/s
Koster water70 Mℓ/s
Jouberton290 Mℓ/s
Kanana130 Mℓ/s
Phokeng water104 Mℓ/s
Madibeng raw water P/S130 Mℓ/s

Various other smaller pumping stations.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Klerksdorp26 Mℓ/d
Kanana (BNR)14 Mℓ/d
Rustenburg6 Mℓ/d
Ottosdal2,5 Mℓ/d
Sannieshof1 Mℓ/d
Koster6 Mℓ/d
Swartruggens1 Mℓ/d
Hartbeesfontein (BNR)4 Mℓ/d
Delmas (HYBACS)7 Mℓ/d
Hartbeesfontein (HYBACS)8 Mℓ/d
Swartruggens (HYBACS)2 Mℓ/d

Several oxidation lagoon systems.

Feasibility Studies & Master Planning

  • Royal Bafokeng Administration – Dynamic Modelling of Bulk Water Supply System
  • Bulk Water Feasibility Study for the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality
  • High Level Study for the Pilanesberg South Bulk Water Scheme
  • Chief Albert Roads and Stormwater Masterplan
  • Feasibility Study Bulk Infrastructure Volksrust
  • Kagisano – Molopo Bulk Water Feasibility Study

Roads & Stormwater

Instrumental in the design and site supervision of roads and storm water systems in the past five years.

Projects included master plans and projects in Klerksdorp, Stilfontein, Wolmaransstad, Koster, Bloemhof.

Housing/Low Cost Developments

Involved in the development of more than 33 000 low-cost houses.

Foundation design, project management and quality control have been exercised on more than 40 projects.

Sewer Reticulation Networks

Designed and managed the construction of more than 1200 km of sewer reticulation pipes in the past five years.

  • Mfidikwe sewer network